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Dreams, Aspirations

So for the longest time I’ve had 3 businesses that I want to own. The first being a plus size boutique. I don’t know if you can tell from my picture but I am a plus size woman I can wear anything from a 16-22, 24 depending on the cut. Anyway knowing the struggle of finding cute plus size clothes that are reasonably priced but still made out of durable material I’ve always wanted to open a plus size boutique. I may want to do a line in the future but I think for starters it would be good to open a boutique where ladies can find stylish clothes that don’t look like grandma’s house dress or something that John Travolta wore in Hairspray. 

I want to have clothes that could be worn out to the club or on a date, work, church etc. Basically an array of styles and sizes catered to the bigger women. I want to start with an online store using drop shipping first just to see how it would go and then go from there and move to having a storefront location.