Want Super Soft Moisturized Hair? Try These!



So this post is for my product junkies and my ladies (and guys) who suffer from super dry hair.  I have found and tried some great products both store bought and DIY and NOW I want to share them with you.

My 4a’s, b’s, and c’s can really appreciate this post.  I want to start by making one important mention about what truly helps to keep your hair well hydrate and it starts from the inside out. 

WATER!! It’s not enough to just spray your hair with it. You actually have to drink it.

    It does wonders for your hair even to help it grow thicker and longer.  It also helps with your energy level and better and clearer skin.  Now on to the juicy stuff…

Thanks to my sister I have discovered B&B (Bonner Brothers) Hair Lotion with Castor Oil and Aloe.  It leaves your hair feeling…

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Job Hunt

I’m pretty sure I had my first post grad crisis yesterday. As of yesterday I’ve been out of school for a month and out of a job for a month. I’ve been trying to find jobs to apply to my problem is I want to do something with my major I don’t want to do retail or something completely out of my range of education. Also with no experience it is hard to find an hr job and especially in my area. So I feel like a complete bum I can’t just sit around and become complacent being educated but unemployed. I need money to get my license renewed so that I can start back doing hair at least to stack some money.

Havana vs. Marley: Care to know the difference?

I’m thinking of installing marley twists this weekend seeing as I have no plans for the foreseeable future lol

Coils so Beautiful™

Recently, twists have gained popularity among naturals as a great protective style alternative to braids. They are versatile, feminine and cute! So far, there are three types of twists and they are:

Havana Twists
Marley Twists (also known as Kinky Twists)
Senegalese Twists (also known as Rope Twists)

Senegalese twists (Rope twists) are easily recognizable by their long, skinny, and shiny construct. They are the only twists (so far) created with kanekalon fibers/synthetic straight hair which easily sets it apart from Marley and Havana twists.

Now, Marley twists and Havana twists are similar but not the same. Both looks can be created using Marley braid hair/kinky hair. Additionally, “Havana hair by Finger Comber” has come about more recently, specifically for creating Havana twists. I’ve never tried “Havana hair,” but supposedly it is softer than Marley/Kinky hair. I use Marley/Kinky hair to do both Marley twists and Havana twists…

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A Realization


So yesterday I participated in some semi messy behavior. A former boo of mine posted a status along the lines of “He’s gonna be single because he can’t trust no one” which is funny to me because after me is when he decides he’s ready for a relationship after 2 years of telling me he wasn’t ready for one. *messy behavior alert* I liked the status. Kind of as a reminder that had he chose to be with me for real and not hide his feelings he probably wouldn’t be going through that because despite him not wanting a relationship I was loyal and stood by him and was damn good to him. Anyway this was just the beginning of the disaster that was my day yesterday.

“A” from my previous pll&h posts decided to send me a text saying and I quote

“Hey I just hooked up with someone who is gonna change my life…Thank u for being there but she has my heart now…Good luck on your endeavors with finding a man…U always got a friend in me”

I was shocked so I read it again… I was really hurt honestly like a part of me wanted to cry I guess because my feelings were hurt. Mainly because I felt led on from the beginning but then I was upset kinda like how and why would you do this to me but as rationale set in then I was like well at least he sent me a message to cease communication. I sent the message to my cousin and she was pissed more upset than me really. The only thing that really kept me from crying was being in a room full of my family most importantly 3 of my male cousins one of whom is my ride or die. Anyway my cousin had to console me via text smh my hurt ass feelings lol. Something told me that that little situation wasn’t going to work out because every other day we wouldn’t talk or his ass would be standoffish which he attributed to being busy (ah hell sounds very similar to the guy mentioned above always busy with shit to show for it) but then the very next day he all in my inbox though I also had a bad vibe when the conversation was about nothing but sex for a whole day. I just think there were a lot of flags I notice now. Its all good glad I didnt buy the dream he was selling and that this ended before it got started good. Initially I came on my dash to delete the posts I had made about him but then I realized it’s all a part of my story and I can’t delete it. So they will stay as a reminder of what was…
Anyway this situation led me to the above status. Whenever I get in my feelings my mind turns to Jeremiah (1st paragraph) I’m pretty certain I was in love with him. I mean despite us never officially being in a relationship we talked about marriage and kids the whole nine. So now I think that when I see myself married with children it’s only with him because I had that set in my mind as the future I wanted. He was the first person I truly had those feelings for and now hes the only one I think of having a future with even if it’s not bound to happen. I let him go for the simple fact of “if you love something let it go…” I think a part of me still hopes we could make it work but I don’t think that will ever happen unless he admits that he cared for me more than he ever admitted.
Anyway all of this in turn led me to the second half of the status. What I’m not here for and how I expect to be approached and treated. I’m not anybody’s side chick, you can’t not know me in public but be in my inbox tryna fuck me. I’m not a blow up doll… we ain’t chillin. We go on dates… We ain’t talking for the hell of it. Talking is a progressive stage that leads to dating if you don’t see it heading that way don’t “talk” to me. I’m too old for games but not yet ready for marriage. I want a consistent significant other someone I can build with. I don’t need stagnant people in my life. I may not have a job but I have a lot going for me. At this point in my life I want a man that is either in school working towards a degree, has a degree and job or has a degree and looking for a job; his own car & no kids I can’t expect anything more than that because that’s all that I have at this time but I’m working towards a better future for myself and want that in a man also. Currently I’m not taking applications or resumes for the challenging job of being my sig other but hopefully God sees fit to send me a great man that is chasing after him. I hope he’s heavy & handsome, beefy & bearded and TALL 🙂 lol

This was longer than expected…

#NewRelease: Tamar Braxton “Love And War”

yass Tamie!!

Idealistic Ambition's

Tamar Braxton

Finally the wait is over for Tamar Braxton’s highly anticipated album Love And WarTamar Braxton was not playing any games! Love And War, is definitely a winner with songs like “All The Way Home,” “Pieces,” “White Candle,” the firey “Hot Sugar,” and the title track “Love and War.” Love And War, is available in stores today!

 You can purchase Tamar Braxton’s Love And War, here on iTunes and Amazon.

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If you Believe you CAN Achieve

In the video above is the game in a nutshell. They said we wouldn’t beat them almost everybody had counted us out. We scored first we were only down once and ended up winning the game. How about my freaking quarterback though 2 touchdowns attributed to him and 5 all together!! ROLL freakin TAJH! The Road to Pasadena began Saturday night with a win over Georgia… thats 2 back to back wins over Top 10 ranked SEC teams!

Also the way they made our entrance look on ABC was sooo great! Everyone was so amazed by it meanwhile we are just like this happens every game. Although it did look a whole lot better with the fireworks during a night game. I heard that entrance catapulted Clemson to #1 on many recruits’ lists! Which is also great! Take a peak at the video below of THE MOST EXCITING 25 SECONDS OF COLLEGE FOOTBALL!



Up & Coming R&B Artist

This guy that I’m getting to know just happens to be a singer y’all! I swoon at a man that can sing but often times people tell you that they can sing and when you hear their music you’re just like oh. Ok well that is not this case with this one. I’m not gonna lie when I say that I was pleasantly surprised when he sent me the link to his soundcloud. He is great, a soft yet powerful voice that sounds very similar to Tank. I’ve posted his and my favorite songs below check them out! Alex J. Nole y’all keep an eye out for him!


Day 3

Last night we Skyped for the first time and dare I say it was amazing. He is amazing. It’s been 3 of the greatest days of my life since I’ve met this man. I don’t want to rush and go into overload with emotions. I’m trying not to envision things going too far just yet. But last night we talked about me even joining him in Charleston with his family for Christmas. That would be great I said if we get to that but I’d be nervous! He said but you’re a strong girl I know you can handle it you’ll be my strong girl! Then we talked about him meeting my family and how overprotective my cousins are over me. They are worse than my dad when it comes to me. I love them and value their opinion though! I think once we spend some time together we can get back to all that but I know he’ll be fine!
We talked about what we like about each other. He said he liked me because I’m beautiful, a go getter & I remember small details about him which shows I listen when he talks and that I’m persistent and I check up on him periodically throughout the day. I said I love his voice (he sings like Tank), he’s very encouraging and a positive person I can tell he’s smart and he has goals and aspirations as well as a plan for his life which I find very attractive. He’s very cute too with light brown eyes & facial hair which is a big plus for me!

Stay tuned for more updates in life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness…

Getting to know you

So really only my best friend knows that I’ve been trying out online dating because the guys I attract around here are liars, bums or just all around no good or ugly. So anyway my makeup looked real good yesterday and I decided to take and upload some new pics on my profile. Hits had been super slow so I said why not. Anyway so I got a few hits yesterday and I had been talking to this one particular guy who we will call A. At first I was a little apprehensive but he came at me respectably answer conversed so I decided to give him my number after some self deliberation. So I get a text that says “here’s your text boo” followed by one that said “this is your future boyfriend” as sketch as that may seem it was pretty cute. So he calls me today and we talked to a good 45 mins he seems to have his head on straight he was telling be about some problems he was having at his job basically discrimination and I talked about job woes or lack of job woes I guess. He was so encouraging and he definitely has a plan for his life.

He lives like an hr and a half away so I don’t know if this is going to go anywhere but just having him as a friend is good for now. He says he gonna come see me and that he can’t wait. I’m slightly excited myself but I’m trying to contain it. But getting to know someone can be so exciting!

I look forward to making follow ups to this entry!